The Psychology Of Voting: What Makes Us Vote The Way That We Do?

As random as we think that the choices that we make are, there is always a little psychology behind them that clearly explains them.
While we might want to argue, when followed closely and traced back, all the choices that we make have a certain pattern that can bring out different traits in us. The same is true when it comes to voting. Don’t believe us, allow us to explain to you the psychology of voting.

Breaking down the Psychology of Voting

It’s a sad but true fact that even the most random choices that we make can be explained. Like the reason why you love that colour or the reason why blackjack is your favourite real money online casino game, everything has a psychological bearing behind it that can be explained.
Here we want to break down the psychology of voting.

Negativity and Disgust

There are very few people who appreciate negativity, if there any people at all. As such when it comes to voting, a negative campaign is something that will catch the eye of the voter.
While there is nothing like bad publicity however, when it comes to voting, we believe that there is. This is where the negative bias comes in when the opponents start badmouthing each and start pointing out the flaws that the other has. This will all lead to negative thoughts being planted in the voters’ minds. Which in turn will affect the choice that you make.
Therefore, in voting, people are most likely to vote if they hate the other candidate. Basically, people may not know who they want to put in power, but they definitely know who they do not want.

The issue of Perception

While many do not want to believe it, perception matters. As such, people are most likely to vote for someone because of the way they look or rather the way that we perceive them.
Their shoes, the way that they dress, are they handsome or not. Somehow success has been attributed to whether a person is good looking or not. To further validate that point, there are few nations in the world where you will find that they have a ruler or rulers who are good-looking for lack of better word.
Therefore, people can also simply vote for Candidate V and not Candidate W because Candidate V is more good looking and dresses better the than Candidate W does.


Another thing that affects the voting psychology is fear. Voters are most likely to vote for someone whom they fear more than someone whom they don’t.
You see with the the person that they love or like, they know that no harm will come to them should that person lose. However, with the person whom they fear, they know for a fact that there can be dire consequences if that person loses.


Wrapping it all up, this is basically the psychology of voting in a nutshell. Fear, perception and negativity are the little but big things that affect our voting choices. The most interesting part is that these are things that we don’t even think about when we are think about the candidate that we want to put in power.