Voting In An Era Of Technology

We can’t deny the fact that technology changes with each passing day. And when it does, it gets more and more advanced.
As it gets advanced, industries are forced to automate in order to cater to needs of all their users. As this happens, industries, companies, and governments are forced to rethink the way that they operated before technology. One of the major issues that comes technology is the automation of the voting process.
There are many who think that the voting process should be automated in order to adapt and adopt to the changes that technology brings. At the same time, there are scores of people who believe that the voting process must not be automated and things should be left in the way that they are.

Reasons to Automate the Voting Process

When arcade games first moved to online casinos, there was a lot of negativity as is the resistance that comes with change. However, as the times changed, people gradually accepted that online casino gaming was much easier a lot more convenient as compared to land-based casino games.
Furthermore, there are where a lot of reasons why the arcade games where automated in the first place. That being said, we shall take a look at some of the major reasons why the voting process should be automated.
Provides secret voting for blind and low vision voters
Easily accessible, even to remote voting areas
Security when it comes to handling of the ballots

Reasons To NOT Automate The Voting

As much some people think automating the voting process is the way to go, there are still some who love the traditional way of doing things. And these are the main reasons why those people believe that voting should be left the way that it is and that technology has no place in the voting system.
Methods of verification can be by passed i.e there is always a back door when it comes to technology
The believed that the government is always spying on people via their mobile phones
Too many voters can cause the system to crash


Living in a world where things are moving to be automated means that there will many trial and error processes. Even when the first smartphones where introduced, there were a lot of trial an error processes as well. This being another of the reasons why people can’t seem to accept voting via automated processes. Because this is the future of the nation, as such trial and era does not work here.
However, change is inevitable and at some point governments as well the citizens will have to accept that automation is the way to go. While proper measures have not yet been set up in many places when it comes to automated voting, this is the future.
Most of the things that we have now, we never would have imagined 20 years ago. As such is the same with automated voting. While it may seem like it’s a big no today, in the future, this might be the only way of voting that people know.