Why You Need To Vote

Millions of people know why they need to vote, however there are thousands more who think that voting is a waste of time and this is in every country. Because as much as the campaign will role out free stuff alongside the voter awareness programs, flyers and messages are all over the shore, there are still people who believe that voting is a waste of time.
Today we are here to tell you that voting is not a waste of time. In fact we have seven good reasons why you need to vote in the coming elections.

7 Reasons Why You Need To Vote

To Maintain Democracy

The reason why elections exist in the first place is to make sure that democracy is maintained. People always cry and plead for freedom of choice .However, when they are given the chance to vote for whom they believe will be a better leader, they decide not to. And that just kills the democracy that millions of people need to have.

Freedom Of Choice

When you vote, you show that you are able to think for yourself. This is because voting is personal process. As much as people may try to get you to vote for a specific the candidate, it all goes down to what you need and how those needs will met by the candidate that you are voting for. And when you vote, you make that choice, hands that that choice is power.

Voting is an Equalizer

The world that we live in is not fair. We have people who win real money online casino jackpots and some people who don’t. Even after years of trying, it’s just how it is. However, with voting, we are all equal, rich and poor we are bundled into on group of voters. While there, are many places where preference is giving to the rich when it comes to voting we are all equal.

Voting Is Bigger Than Yourself

Another reason why you need to vote is because voting is bigger than you, literally its about a whole community and a whole country. That single vote of yours makes a difference. Therefore, when you do not vote, you are not letting yourself down, bit you are letting down the people in the country that need your vote.

Officials Pay Attention To Voters

Have you ever wondered why politicians make all that effort to campaign and get to know the community that they are campaigning in? It is because those people matter, and if you do not wish to be invisible forever make sure that you vote.

Not Voting is Surrender

By not making a choice you have already made a choice, a choice to surrender. Voting is when you can choose what to believe in, and when you don’t do that, you have literally surrendered. You have chosen to stay with the ruling party regardless of the way that things are.

Voting Does Matter

Rounding it up, you need to vote because voting matters. If it did not matter there wouldn’t be so people who cared about it so much. As such, make sure that you vote and make sure that you get all people whom you love and are of legal age to vote.