5 Uses of A Bench Vise

Did you know that bench vises are versatile tools? Although their uses may not be noticeable at first, these tools are actually useful whether you’re working with wood, metal, and other materials. They offer the stability you need to get the job done with accuracy.

Here are five uses of a bench vise:

Partnering with a saw

bench vise for woodworkingA bench vise can be exceedingly beneficial when you use a saw to cut wood for your various DIY woodworking projects. If you use a vise, you’ll be able to hold the piece of material efficiently as you cut it. Trust me; it’s a reliable tool that can grasp the piece of wood you need as you work your way through it. With a bench vise, you can say bye-bye to using your free hand to hold a wooden material in place!

Aside from woodworking, a bench vise can also be used to keep metals in position when they need to be cut and modified.

Dealing with a Drill

Need to use a power drill for a project? Use a bench vise to finish the task easily! This tool can help you complete any drilling job that needs stability and precision. Just use a bench vise to drill holes accurately. For novices who aren’t used to drilling, a bench vise might be the answer to your prayers.

Cutting Electrical Conduit


This job needs a bench vise because it can secure the conduit in position as you cut it.

Working with Sandpaper

If you’ve been performing DIY or home improvement projects, then you must already know that finishing with sandpaper takes a significant amount of time, regardless of the condition. However, you can minimize your job and maximize your efficiency with a bench vise while sanding. You just have to keep the material in place with a bench vise, so that you can use both hands to sand the material. Using a vise can eliminate the struggle you might experience while looking for a secure position before you work on the project.

Work Bench

Lastly, a bench vise is more than just a convenient clamp; it can also serve as a typical workbench if you need it to.


In truth, a bench vise has other uses apart from these, but you’ll have to discover them yourself.